Many of the programs mentioned in the list of California Re-Entry Services and Nationwide Re-Entry Services also serve registered sex offenders. The best way to know is to call and find out. In a few cases, it’s noted in our pages on re-entry services that registered sex offenders are served by a particular program. We were able to say this because we made that phone call. If no such statement is made, it simply means that we don’t know.

Most of the following programs are specialized re-entry services for registered sex offenders. The exception is Root & Rebound. It provides service to all former prisoners. It’s listed here because its services for registered sex offenders are particularly helpful.

Root & Rebound
This is a large non-profit organization that helps ex-prisoners re-enter society. It offers information, training, and a wide range of other assistance. It works with prisoners throughout California and also a limited number of other States. Whether still incarcerated or already released, the prisoner can contact this organization and ask for assistance with re-entry into society. Root & Rebound will also work with prisoners who must register as sex offenders (290 registration).

  • Prisoners (in California) may write and send questions to: Root & Rebound 1730 Franklin Street, Suite 300, Oakland, CA 94612
  • Re-entry Legal Hotline (510) 279-4662. California prisoners and ex-prisoners may call for answers to legal questions from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays. Collect calls are accepted from incarcerated persons.
  • The Reentry Planning Toolkit is an encyclopedia of California law which affects persons re-entering society after prison. Look at it on-line or order a printed copy.
  • Native Americans. Click here for resources for Native American prisoners and former prisoners.
  • Resources for former prisoners outside California.

Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL)
ACLU Building
1313 W. 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(818) 305-5984

This organization advocates for people who must register in California as sex offenders. Its primary purpose is to get changes to our legal system, but it also has information that might be of assistance to ex-sex offenders who have been released or who anticipate release. The website lists a few other organizations concerned with this issue, including on-line support groups.

When I e-mailed this website in March 2017 on behalf of a prisoner anticipating release, I received an immediate reply from Janice Bellucci, a staff attorney. She asked that the prisoner contact her directly and also referred the prisoner to the organization, Root & Rebound, an organization listed above.

Jobs for Registered Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders Solution and Education Network
Mission: Educate public so that 290 registration laws are reformed. It has private on-line forums where 290 registrants can discuss issues among themselves.

State-Supported Higher Education
Registered Sex Offenders may attend community colleges and other public colleges and universities in California. They must register with campus police per: California Penal Code Section 290.01 — Community College Registration