Re-Entry Programs, United States*

Help with Reintegrating into Society upon Release

Updated July 28, 2019

There are many re-entry programs available to former prisoners throughout the United States. The websites listed here represent only a handful. However, the first three provide long lists of programs with links to many other websites.

Listings of Re-Entry Services in the United States

These websites list re-entry programs for released prisoners. They list programs by State. Programs help prisoners with finding jobs, housing, attorneys, and other resources.

Jobs for Felons Hub
Help for Felons

Other Re-Entry Services in the U.S.
Volunteers of America “Correctional Re-entry Services”
Nationwide. Faith-based (Christian). Provides: halfway houses, residential treatment, and various types of other support in various locations.
1660 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 341-5000

Delancey Street Foundation This organization is a residential self-help program for a variety of different people, including ex-offenders. Participants live within the program a minimum of two years. They turn their lives around, earn a GED, and learn marketable skills. There is no fee for the participants. The Foundation operates California programs in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Delancey also operates programs in New Mexico, New York, and North and South Carolina.

*Non-working links. Re-entry services for prisoners change rapidly. The result is that Internet links in this area change rapidly. The resources in this section have been compiled by a volunteer and may not have been updated recently. Please consider the links to resources as leads. If you find that a link in the following webpages has strikethroughs and no longer works, you may be able to find a working link to a similar resource by doing an on-line search.