HOW DO I……….?

Make an announcement after Meeting? Write it down and put it in the announcement basket before Meeting starts. The announcement basket is either on the table in front of the Meeting House fireplace or in the closet in the library. You can download an announcement form here. Also, there are often blank ones in the announcement basket. Or just write clearly or type on a blank piece of paper and include the dates that you wish the announcement made.

Make an announcement in the e-mailed monthly announcements? Members and attenders can submit an announcement directly to Announcements should be sent the last week of the month in order to be published the beginning of the next month. A few printed copies will be on the library table.

Put something out on the e-mail list (listserve)? If you are a clerk, you can submit it on your own. If you aren’t a clerk, ask the clerk of the relevant committee to do it for you. The clerk will then e-mail it to As some members and attenders are concerned about the number of e-mails, please give consideration to, instead, adding it to the monthly announcements (see above).

Announce an event on the website calendar? Jane Krause has volunteered to enter events on our website calendar. She is posting events such as the Adult Ed topics, other Meeting events, and who is using the OGMM campus when. Contact her at

Obtain a name tag? After Meeting, a little box with makings for name tags is passed around. You can create a temporary nametag for yourself. To request a permanent nametag, either because you’re new or need a replacement tag, please fill out a request card (in the box). Within a week or two, a bright shiny new name tag will miraculously appear on the name tag board in the library. This request card also asks if you want to be on the OGM listserve.

Make a donation? After Meeting, put cash or check in a little white envelope available in the announcement basket. Hand the filled envelope to the treasurer or deposit it in the ample box in the Fellowship Room. You can also donate using either Paypal or a Credit Card by clicking the Donate button on any page of this website. On-line donations can be one-time or monthly. Donations are tax-deductible. At the end of year, the treasurer sends letters to all donors who have contributed $250 or more.

Find help in the Meeting? We are Friends and we have committees with the charge of helping members and attenders. If you have spiritual questions, speak to a member of Worship and Ministry. If you have a personal concern which needs seasoning, speak to a member of Pastoral Care.

Sign up to co-host refreshments for Fellowship? We rotate co-hosting refreshments. This involves one or two people making coffee, setting out refreshments which volunteers have brought in, and cleaning up afterwards. Volunteer co-hosts are always needed and appreciated. Click on the “Sign-Up, Be a Fellowship Hero!” button on any page on this website. Any questions, e-mail

Submit an article to the Orange Grove Record? Send an e-mail to with an idea or an article. The Record comes out every two months.

Get reimbursed for a Meeting expense? Fill out a reimbursement form. These are in the box of file folders in the library. The form must be signed by both the person requesting and the committee clerk. Receipts need to be attached to the form. Any questions, e-mail

Find out how to become a Member of the Meeting? Talk to any member of the Pastoral Care or Worship & Ministry Committees or e-mail their clerks or There is a membership pamphlet in the library next to the outside door.

Find out how to join a committee? Talk to any member of Nominating Committee or e-mail the clerk at Some committees are open to all members and attenders; other committees have requirements.

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