rentalThe premises of the Orange Grove Friends Meeting at 520 East Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena houses a number of Quaker activities but also makes spaces available to other groups in the community. This both benefits Orange Grove and provides a resource for the larger community.

Occupants and Compatibility with Orange Grove Friends’ Values

Current occupants of Orange Grove buildings have missions that serve the community and are compatible with the values of the Orange Grove Friends Meeting. These include schools for children: Friends Western School, Wisdom Arts Laboratory, and Rainbow Learning Circle; and also, social service groups: several Alcoholics Anonymous groups, an Al-Anon group, and Friends Outside.

Orange Grove provides spaces for programs and meetings that have missions that are compatible with the values of both our Friends Meeting and the current occupants. We also encourage those who are housed in Orange Grove spaces to reach out to and include the local community in their programs. In June of each year, we review and discuss the success of community outreach.

Available Spaces

Three spaces are made available to groups. These are the:

  • Fellowship Room, which includes a baby grand piano and is about 20 x 30 feet. Requested donation: $30 for the first two hours.
  • Meeting Room, which includes about 13 benches and a fireplace and is about 30 x 40 feet. Requested donation: $30 for the first two hours.
  • Library Room, which is about 12 x 25 feet. Requested donation: $25 for the first two hours.

All three rooms have separate entrances and have access to clean and fully functional kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Conditions of Use of Orange Grove Premises

The following conditions apply to use of the grounds and buildings of the Orange Grove Meeting House:

  1. No smoking.
  2. No alcoholic beverages.
  3. Clean up thoroughly the areas that your group has used.
  4. No food or beverages to be left in areas that your group has used.
  5. Empty all trash generated by your group into the trashcan on the southwest side of the premises.

More Information

The three rooms on the Orange Grove premises are partially scheduled by various groups at this time. If you are interested in finding out more about them and their availability contact the administrative person called the “Resident Friend” at:

(626) 792-6223

After discussion with a representative of Orange Grove, a group interested in using rooms will be asked to complete and submit this Site User Agreement.