Each Sunday at noon after Worship, Quakers and newcomers can enjoy conversation and refreshments during the “Fellowship” hour. It’s an opportunity to see old friends and also to seek out those less familiar. Both old friends and new ones can deepen community, a deeply-held Quaker value.

Newcomers can ask questions about Quakerism and learn something about those of us drawn to this form of worship. All are invited to help the Fellowship Committee with serving and with washing up if they can linger.

Sometimes Friends vanish into small groups to work on projects, to make arrangements to meet later, or to sit together to discuss issues and ideas. (As a note, to the extent possible, small group work is best scheduled for after Fellowship.)

On the second Sunday of each month except August, a potluck lunch replaces the usual light refreshments of Fellowship. Deeper conversations can often occur over a shared meal. (Again, help with clean-up afterwards is always welcome….) For those who wish to continue their conversations after the meal, best to stay clear of the kitchen—Men, women, and children at work!

After the potluck lunch, at about 1 pm on the second Sunday, all are invited to participate in the Meeting for Business, also called “Monthly Meeting.”

Photo Credits: Cliff Lester (Betty Ann and Joe); Hannah Maximova (Salad Making).