unityFriends believe that it is possible for the human spirit to be in direct communion with the Divine. Seeking God’s will together, we believe the way will open and unity will emerge.

Working together to discern and serve God’s will both nourishes and benefits from unity. This unity grows from trust in one another and readiness to speak out, confident that together, Friends will find the truth.

True unity may be found under great apparent differences. This unity is spiritual, it expresses itself in many ways, and we need Divine insight that we may recognize its working. We need forbearance, sympathy and love, in order that, while remaining loyal to the truth as it comes to us, we may move forward with others to a larger and richer experience and expression of the will of God. (Quoted from London Yearly Meeting, 1916)

Early Friends considered themselves part of a great movement that would soon sweep the world. Unity and mutual care in the Quaker community in the face of persecution demonstrated to the world the working of God among us.

Source: Excerpted from Pacific Yearly Meeting, Faith and Practice, Unity Testimony, 2001