E-Mail Addresses for Clerks and Committees

September 12, 2015



Animal Kinship Committee animal@ogmm.org
Burial Committee burial@ogmm.org
Children’s Education Committee children@ogmm.org
Fellowship Committee fellowship@ogmm.org
Finance Committee finance@ogmm.org
Library Committee library@ogmm.org
Nominating Committee nominating@ogmm.org
Pastoral Care Committee pastoral@ogmm.org
Peace & Social Concerns Committee peace@ogmm.org
Property Committee property@ogmm.org
Resident Friend Committee resident@ogmm.org
Worship & Ministry Committee worship@ogmm.org



Announcement Clerk announce@ogmm.org
Archivist archivist@ogmm.org
Assistant Clerk of the Meeting assistant@ogmm.org
Childcare Coordinator childcare@ogmm.com
Clerk of the Meeting clerk@ogmm.org
Corresponding Clerk corresponding@ogmm.org
Database Clerk database@ogmm.org
Minute Clerk minutes@ogmm.org
Orange Grove Record Editor record@ogmm.org
Recorder recorder@ogmm.org
Representative to Pacific Yearly Meeting pymrep@ogmm.org
Resident Friend friend@ogmm.org
Site Manager sitemanager@ogmm.org
Treasurer of Meeting treasurer@ogmm.org
Website Manager admin@ogmm.org